August 1 2014, 9pm


It’s so hard to relate/talk to people who don’t love animals as much as I do

August 1 2014, 8pm

on conan there was this actor that collects roadkill and articulates skeletons and all they did was joke that she’s a serial killer and about killing hookers and then talked about the movie she acting in
vulture culture problems

August 1 2014, 4pm


Most important thing you could ever watch.

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July 31 2014, 5pm

why do tumblr comics get famous when their like the same format and its just copy pasted panels with different faces

July 29 2014, 10pm


VERY bright and gemmy Lightning Ridge Black Opal.


July 28 2014, 12am

great here comes the point where im sad i lost a sweater but i feel even worse that i care that much about a material object and it sounds like im a whiney materialistic bitch but then i sound like a debbie downer and im too hard on myself. fuck these feelings i wanna enjoy my vacation.

July 27 2014, 11pm

sometimes i wanna die

July 27 2014, 11pm

haha turns out the store is gone and finding it on the internet is turning out to be fucking impossible!!! awesome i guess ill be searching for the hoodie for my life haha

July 27 2014, 10pm

so my foster brothers accidentally let my awesome 40 something wool sweater i got for christmas get stolen before i could visit them and honestly, that pisses me off but not as much as the shit pile of a person who asked to try it on and then walked out. they called the guy and he said it was an accident but honestly… nah. it bothers me to think he had this jacket hanging up where he lives. a sweater that was picked out, ordered, and wrapped out by MY mom. a jacket that i wore that christmas day and now some jack off has it not really thinking about it. just thinking its a cool jacket. thats fucked up. ive taken plain low quality scarves or whatever before like honestly no one would care about that. i recognize that what im doing is not a big deal. but trying on a high quality jacket that you can tell the owners like and then walk out - thats fucked. you know what you did. you know those people.