October 21 2014, 5am

i keep such a poor track record of what i eat everyday and i sleep at such odd times that i cant tell if i purged or starved. everytime im hungry i feel bloated and sick so that isnt helping. i wonder why i turned out this way

October 21 2014, 2am

i convinced my mom to get a cat, and were going to pick it up tomorrow. he’s a big fat boy that someone quad declawed and gave him up??? w/e. i’m afraid he’ll ruin my hobbies or i wont be able to be around him enough or i cant take care of him enough but i also really want a cat. i get so bored around here and i figure if you have the ability to take care of a shelter animal, you mind as well do it. i have mixed feeling about it but i hope it’ll come clear when we have him in the house. also i read the words “charity for blind cats” and cried today.

October 20 2014, 4pm

where can i find fat witch fashion does that even exist

October 20 2014, 2pm

i wanted to start crosstiching after a while of not doing it and i was gonna start a new color but then i dropped my needle gfdi