if i see one more goddamn person reblog the first picture with a black and white filter, tagging it with “lucifer” “horror” ”666” or “demons” and thinking they’re cool, i’m gonna pop an eye vessel. everyday i see people not sourcing this fursuit and i’m really sick of it, plus theres other more awesome pictures of the same charcter??

      this isn’t a demon or satan or whatever, its a fursuit of a zombie werewolf, made by qarrezel and worn by tarangryph. the character is named Breynz.
      this is the link to the first pic, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and the ninth
     shes really funny and lives in denmark and has fun at cons (heres a video or two or three)
     you guys dont look cool. you look really dumb. source your shit.

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